Alt.Net Oresund Meeting at ITU 25th of June

We weren't that many people, but in return Martin N Jensen held a great presentation showing the new features of NUnit and how they compare to MbUnit and xUnit.Net.

I definitely learned a few new tricks that I'm eager to put to practice.

These include
  • BDD style constraints (improved readability)
  • Theories (specifications that run several combinations of input)
  • Generic test fixtures (run the same test for chosen implementations of an interface)
I've worked with MbUnit for about a year now, and before that MSTest for several years.

From 2001 to sometime 2005, I however used NUnit, and with the new additions and a new employer, maybe we'll see each other again soon.

I haven't fully grasped the theory concept, but will look into it. This seems like a good place to start: Theories in Practice: Easy-to-Write Specifications that Catch Bugs

A new employer? After having three really good offers to consider, I finally made up my mind this weekend. I will start working with the very same Martin N Jensen, and the other guys at BankInvest this autumn. I'm very excited, and eager to produce great financial software with great people.

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